CRAZIEST Year for Phones! Did YOU make the right decision? (Updated)

Google Army,

I've come to realize that 2013 is such an insane year for phones. The competition is ridiculous. Apple coming out with a whole new UX/UI for the iPhone, HTC & Samsung both released two amazing phones and not to mention they both offer a stock counter part. Motorola releasing the X phone, the know all and do all (Apparently) of phone. Strangely it comes in October when Google get's ready to release it's next Nexus device. Lastly the N4 is still kicking some serious a** in the tech space, although I've only seen one in public. Yet I've seen about 5 Galaxy Nexus in public.

So out of the following which would you choose?

1. HTC ONE (With Sense)

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 (With Touch Wiz)

3. LG Nexus 4

4. HTC ONE (Google Edition)

5. Samsung Galaxy S4 (Google Edition)

6. iPhone 6 (If it was out- or if you're waiting for it) - See what I did there with the numbering :-)

7. Motorola X Phone (Waiting or not)

8. Note III (Waiting or Not)

I don't mean to step on any toes but there's seriously no Windows Phone that interest many in the Android Army, at least not judging by the post.

With that being said, I went with the HTC ONE after having a GS3. I love my device but over time the phone can be a bit much to hold for any longer than 35mins. It's the edges and the weigh. My iPhone was the same way but because it was so light it lasted longer in my hand. The thing that keeps me from switching is the Screen, Beats Audio, Boom Sound, The Camera & it's features and the fact everyone goes (The phone is so pretty is that the one with the speakers) - When they clearly see the speakers on the front ?? Anyways . . .

Then there's this;

However, after Google started getting their iOS app act together, I posited that theiPhone 5 had, in fact, become one of the best Google phones on the planet:

Yet in other ways, Google on iOS is even better [than Google on Android]. Using Android without wanting to use Google isn't pleasant, but on iOS you can easily pick and choose your Google Services, and mix and match between them, Apple's built-in services, and offerings from Yahoo!, Microsoft, and others. You also get the benefit of Apple's still much smoother user interface, which doesn't offer all the features of Android, but handles everything from scrolling to swiping to tapping with far, far more buttery-ness than even the latest version of Jelly Bean.

The HTC One is probably my favorite current generation Android phone as well, but the value I get on the iPhone 5 is still far greater. With the iPhone 5, I get amazing Google apps, but I also get indie apps like Fantastical, Letterpress, Tweetbot, and countless others.

So while the HTC One is quite possibly the best Android phone on the market today, could the iPhone 5 be a better all around value for Google users?

-Rene Ritchie EIC of

If I was to truly be honest the phone I want the most out of all of these would be the N4 or iPhone 6. The only thing that the N4 is missing is a 1080p display. I don't to much care for Samsung. I rather have Glass or metal phone. At least I know I would get good in ear audio quality with the iPhone. Then I would go for the HTC ONE (Stock).

It's kind of late to by an N4. Plus I would only be pissed when I saw the iP6.

What do you think Army?? I've also come to notice that many of us want the phone that the other has. What's with that.

Leave it in the comment section below.