Apple's strategy is going to change... but which way will it change?

TLDR only version;

1) The rate of performance of devices are doubling at an exponential rate. Within the last year of mobile computing we have gone from 2 to 4 to 8 core processors. And equally the iphone has technologically moved in similar fashion

2) The cost of Apple devices are the highest in the market, but this is often offset by (a) support (b) lasting potential of the device, they simply all work very well despite their age. Devices from 2007-2008 are holding well on their own today. Though their ages are certainly showing.

3) If the industry continues at this rate of performance doubling each 360 days, the phones of 3 years from now will easily have 8x the performance of the iPhone 5. 25x the performance of the iPhone5 in 5 years. This is radically insane amount of horsepower.

4) 3 Years to pay 1000 dollars for a device is costly, premium devices stretched to 4-5 years is reasonable however.

So the question is this.

I think it's safe to say that Apple's strategy cannot stay the same as it has been for the last 7-8 years. Something will need to change:

a) Will Apple lower it's prices? Because it's just unreasonable to have your customers pay 1000 dollars and have it's performance doubled in 12 months and be _that_ much behind instigating much outrage or customers who switch platforms because it's easier to absorb 600-700 per year for an equivalent device?

b) Apple stops with the performance pushing and aims for performance switching. Miniaturizing devices or processing units and moves into different form factors and designs for computing? Software generally no longer pushes the device except at a video game level.

A or B? Or (C) your own thoughts on the future;