What's your first memory of computers?

Readers here range from 12-50. Some of us grew up with DOS and others Windows 95. I just thought it would be interesting to see everyone's early memories computers.

My memories:

My first memory of a personal computer was a beige behemoth that sat in the closet of our spare bedroom. A Packard-Bell running Windows 3.1. This was my introduction to the world of computers. My dad would guide my hand on a joystick with a big red button on top to play Star Wars X-Wing Alliance. He used to build microchips and other small electronics so he new his way around an operating system.


Later I was introduced to Half-Life. when my dad wasn't actually playing seriously with my uncle, I would wander around, going into the offices. I would pretend I actually worked there, and would "work" at the computers, go into the break room and get a snack, and go to the bathroom. I specifically remember the sounds the soda machine would make when you would try and use it.

I eventually ended up going into the test chamber which was a terrifying experience for a 4-year-old. It didn't stop me from playing none the less.

While I loved the aforementioned games, my real loves were Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit III and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit II. These games are the reason I love cars so much today.


Another early memories include my grandfather teaching me how to play Solitaire, as that was practically all he did.

While I did play a lot of video games, I have no memories of the internet. I don't remember not being allowed access to it, it just seems the only things i cared about using computers for was racing Lamborghini's.

Well, those are my memories. What are yours?