iOS7 Keynote Bingo!

WWDC is just a few days away, and I for one am more intrigued by this Keynote than any in recent years. I think this is primarily due to the total lack of tangible leaks. Sure, we know Sir Jony is busy sandblasting iOS - but there haven't been any specific details, let alone screenshots. Even the tantalising teasers from Mark Gurman’s 9to5 Mac sources have kept things deliberately vague. And that's before we even consider the total lack of information on actual features for iOS7.

In my view, this paucity of information is a very good thing. For once we have a Keynote where we can't write the script in advance. The theatricality and showmanship of Apple’s classic Keynotes has been missing for years, simply due to the fact that there were no surprises.


Anyway, the purpose of this post is to have some fun with this lack of Keynote leaks! Keynote Bingo got so boring when we all knew exactly what to expect, but this time we have a chance to resurrect the old favourite. I would be very interested to see what you all expect from iOS7, and I’m sure it’ll be fun to reflect on our speculation after the event too.

Rules of the game

All the best games have well defined rules. Here are my five simple rules, for a “not-really-bingo-to-be-honest” prediction game, which carries a maximum possible score of 10:

  • Each player can predict up to 7 “tentpole features” for iOS 7.
  • Each player can make up to 3 “non-iOS” predictions (e.g. relating to Mac hardware, or OSX).
  • One point will be awarded for each correct prediction.
  • One point will be deducted for each wildly inaccurate prediction (I want to discourage tedious and naïve pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking – no Facebook Home, y’all!)
  • We all know iOS is getting a refreshed aesthetic already. No points are awarded for predictions regarding the purely superficial aspects of Jony's reskinning. You are, however, welcome to predict functional changes of the UI redesign. By way of example: Predicting that Notification Centre will lose the linen, or that the stock app icons will be flattened, scores you no points(!) Predicting actionable notifications, or dynamic icons/widgets will be eligible to score points.

My Bingo scorecard

In the interests of getting things started, here are my own predictions (FWIW I’ve listed my iOS predictions in what I perceive to be a decreasing order of probability!):

iOS7 Predictions

  1. Actionable notifications (eg quick reply iMessages, akin to BiteSMS)
  2. Power Nap for iOS (see this post for more details; essentially a loosening of the background multitasking restrictions…)
  3. Improved inter-app communications (share sheets etc)
  4. Radio toggles
  5. Substantive enhancements to Maps (i.e. more than just ongoing improvements to the underlying data). My expectation would be for transit directions.
  6. Opening up iOS to allow third party keyboards (eg Swype)
  7. Profiles (see this post for more details). IMHO this would be a huge improvement for the iPad, which is often a shared family device; less important for the iPhone, which is inherently more single-user focussed.

Non-iOS7 Predictions

  1. A new Mac Pro (WWDC, as a developer-focussed event, would be the perfect occasion to announce a new Mac Pro).
  2. Haswell updates across most of the MacBook lineup.
  3. … and finally (to finish on a boring-but-much-needed feature…) OSX 10.9 will gain multiple-monitor support in full screen mode.

So what do you all reckon? Make your own predictions, and/or let me know what score you think my prediction will get!