I think I'm going blind. I've never had glasses, and always kind of liked being the guy with perfect vision, but I'm pretty sure I'm going blind. Ten times a day I catch myself craning my neck toward my laptop screen because a website's text is too small, and is that an I or an L? It's worrisome.

But for the last couple of weeks, instead of leaning in toward my laptop I just brought my laptop to me. I've been using the Acer Aspire R7, the Windows 8 laptop that has a "floating touchscreen" that can be twisted, spun, flipped, and moved every which way. It's quirky, and weird, and in more ways than one looks like nothing I've ever seen. It's been fantastic for my neck over the last couple of weeks, but is it a great machine? Acer's rethinking some of the core design points of a PC — a bold move, to be sure, but a good one? Let's see.