Next Gen: Worthy Successors or Wallet Strippers?

Amazon (UK) has listed the games for the Xbox One and PS4 at a staggering £89.99

That is more than double the price of next-gen titles on current gen consoles, which would surely cost more to develop? But the rumours are, the price is so high because of development costs on the new console...

I don't believe them. x86 is supposed to be easier to code for and when the PS3 launched I remember the rumours saying the games would cost £50.

Well at the end of the cycle, when the games are there most expensive (as far as I can remember) they reached that price, so can we expect games for the new generation consoles to cost more than they do now? To reach that £90 marker? On top of this, the consoles themselves are listed at £599.

£600 for the console? I know Amazon has to overprice them to protect themselves but seriously, if they are doing it by this much they must have an idea that the consoles will be expensive.

But, what if?

What if the consoles do cost more than the current gen consoles did at launch? And what if the games cost more too? Will you all still buy them? Will PC games go up in price too?

Only time will tell...