iPhone 6 or Galaxy S4

Given what you already know about what to come in iOS, do you think it will best the GS4? I'm asking because I will be picking between the two for my next phone. I have an HTC ONE.. . Great phone but I'm not sure it's for me. Between the horrid charge time, button arrangement, few signal problems every now and the and lastly the phone is really heavy coming from an S3 or the light iPhone 5.

I have NEVER had any issues with my S3 or iPhone (when I had one) I quick got over the home button on the S3. The iPhone now has all the Google apps I know and love along with the best app store (so I keep hearing) on the market. I've spent at least $500 worth of apps along with Google but I don't mind switching platforms. I just want a freaking phone I can keep for two years and be happy with. Oh.... And updates which I am sure HTC will fail at.

With that said I thought the ONE would be my phone for at least a year and a half but there is nothing like a Galaxy device or an iPhone. They both simply just work. No issues. But which? I kinda prefer the all glass option lol. In white.