Opera 15 - In the Blink of an eye

Opera 15 Next available for download

As a long time Chrome user once I got fed up by user interface and more and more chunky performance of my Chrome browser. I began to look for alternative and I was rather sad with other choices.


I am quite young (20y) but I remember my when Firefox came out in 2004. It was faster and more convenient to use than IE and I fell in love with it. I didn't want to try anything else until Firefox 4. Even though people praised new interface I didn't felt comfortable with it so I seeked for something else.


After research I saw that, for me, new kid in the block - Google Chrome. Reviews were very positive from both media and community so I tried it. After some adaptation to new interface Chrome became my favourite browser. It fast fast. Astonishing fast may I say. Stuck with it for years until version 23 I think. Suddenly Flash player crashed every time I seeked forward when watching Youtube videos. Clean reinstall didn't helped. 3rd party Flash player - nope. I even tried reinstalling Windows and starting from beginning - nothing changed. Once again I choosed to change my default browser.
Firefox, Chrome and IE were not in my list because:
- Firefox - interface - Internet Explorer - no add-ons - Chrome - crashing and in some level boredom
I tried Opera.

Opera - underdog with hell of a features

I was surprised with how much stuff I got with vanilla installation. Torrent downloader, very nice interface, fast and beautiful Speed Dial, Opera Link... all those things that spoiled me in future browsing. However, when I have more than 5 tabs opene with Youtube, Facebook, The Verge and other content-heavy stuff - Opera started to slow down or even freeze. That was case with versions 11.xx and 12.xx . Main reason - Presto engine. Now, I am on Opera 15 Next.

Chrome in disguise or Opera without Opera-stuff?

Firstly, download link.

click me nice and softly

From version 15 Opera uses Blink - WebKit variation forked by Google to speed up development and implementation of new Web technologies. Opera joined to the Blink project and Opera 15 is result. What can I say? It has speed and responsiveness of Chrome and it has interface and (some) features from Opera. Win-win. Or at least will be.


Because there are some things missing. Have in mind that this is beta version and devs promised to slowly return old features when they are ready. For now things are pretty obvious - Opera is Chrome with custom, 'Operish' skin.

But, give it time. I surely will.

P.S. This is one long post because I want to spread word for Opera. It is soooo underrated and I hope it will take more market share that it has.

Also, sorry for some grammar mistakes, English isn't my native language so shut your Grammar Nazi inside yourself :)