The Lumia Story: What's next?

Straight to the point a "phablet", 808 style device and a tablet. So, last night I attended a Lumia Live Sessions gig in Liverpool starring Lianne La Havas (she was great by the way). While I was there I got talking to a guy who turned out to be a Nokia Music Exec. We talked about the problems of the platform, what Nokia are doing to improve it and what Nokia believe MS need to be doing. He asked me why I bought a 920 and I explained about the camera and a vested interest in the platform. This is when he went on to tell me about how he has *definitely not* used an 808 style device slated for launch later this year and he has *definitely not* used a "phablet device" slated for launch later this year. I asked him about the plans for Nokia music going ahead and he simply told me to "expect big things soon". When querying him about the Windows 8 he almost straight up admitted to a tablet launching later this year or at the start of 2014. Away from Nokia he says he admires what HTC was doing with it's design and believed the One was the strongest phone currently available. Excluding the 925 in his eyes of course. We both agreed the S4 and Samsung's use of cheap plastic in general "had to be punished". Is the phablet device the 1030? Which has leaked today? Is the leak genuine? I don't know but knowing what I know now is definitely increasing the possibility of the leak being genuine.