Between the two...

I've decided to upgrade my current point & shoot and go with something more substantial. Enter the Olympus E-P3 and the Sony NEX-3N. I am on somewhat of a budget (if you can't tell from the camera options I've listed), but I realize you may have some other recommendations within the same price point.

Yes, I will more than likely just be using the kit-lens for awhile - but I do plan to purchase more lenses in the future. I realize I am "buying" into a system camera, with either the m43 or the aps-c/nex, so I wanted to ask you photographers and aficionados which direction you would go with.

Some notes:

  • I haven't had an opportunity to put my hands on the Olympus offering just yet but have been able to get my hands on the NEX variants. The ergonomics of each camera wouldn't dissuade me from picking one over the other (as far as I can tell, the Olympus looks very well handled). I do appreciate the dials on the Olympus over the NEX.
  • I don't mind losing on the slightly larger sensor if there are enough "pros" that it makes sense. Honestly, at this point either camera will be an upgrade from what I am currently using.
  • Yes, I do plan to take a couple of camera classes (once I get the time and the money) in order to fully understand how to take proper photographs. In the meantime, I will read the numerous helpful blogs/forums, as well as the camera manual front to back.

I realize this subject has been brought up in various other photo-forums, and I don't want to start a flame war between whatever camps that may reside here. I just wanted some feedback from fellow verge-ers.
Thanks again!