This is Windows (A Billion Nation Army headed by a Bald Mad Man)

I want to keep this short.....

Windows 8.1 has been publicly revealed and as usual the reception was varied except this time the people grousing about the desktop were joined by those complaining about the addition of the Start button.

So in this time of continued consternation, I think everyone remembers one thing:

This is Windows

You want to use Opera, Firefox, Chrome, or Slepnir? You want to alter the desktop with Rainmeter or Modernmix? You want to run Poweshell? You want to build your own PC?

You can because this is Windows.

Do you want to one device instead of two? Do you want a consumption device that provides the power of a desktop OS?

You can do that because this is Windows.

You pissed because they dared to force that Fisher Price UI on you and you want your desktop now?

You can change it because this is Windows.

Too many of us have been bitching and moaning about Windows 8. Some want Microsoft to plow ahead and over everyone holding onto the desktop with a death grip. Others of you won't stop until Metro is dead and this tablet mess is over. And neither of you will get what you want.

The truth is Microsoft needs to make Windows 8 and whatever is next accessible to desktop users and those that do not want to use tablet applications. If that means a Start button makes them comfortable so be it. Its not going to hurt you. And for those who get violent every time IDC reports on the "death" of the desktop, please understand no one is trying to screw you.

If Windows is going to continue it needs to change and right now that is Metro. Tablets are but one form factor of PCs and I do not care what Apple or anyone else says. But the thing is Windows 8 is still Windows, if you do not like something you can change.

If you want to alter it you can. 8.1 gives us more options and that's a good thing. But if you want to stay on Windows 7 that's cool too because you are supported.

That's it you people have a good weekend, and avoid naked Scobles.