All i want is a retina iPad mini with pen support.

I don't know about any of you, but i can't wait for the next iPad mini with retina display. Here's the thing though: I really want it to have pen support. I've been an iPad owner since day one. I love the iPad. The desktop class app selection is bar none. Android doesn't even have half of what apple has as far as desktop class tablet apps. I mean essentially the iPad has such great developers and apps that it's set up for an artist. Couple those incredible apps with apples technology and retina display and you have one hell of a device. But it's missing one major thing. It's missing the pen. The iPad is like the ultimate mobile device for an artist, yet has no real pen. Lets not get into talking about the options we have for the ipad as far as a stylus goes today.

They are bad. They are unnatural, and uncomfortable. We cannot lean our hand on the device to draw like you can on Samsungs note devices. Samsung on the other hand has coupled wacoms digitizer technology with multitouch in a great package with the note devices. The problem is Android. There is only one real drawing app for Android, luckily it's sketchbook pro. Besides that there is nothing. IOS on the other hand has a slew of amazing painting and sketching apps, loads of vector drawing software, and others. I always thought the iPad would eventually turn into what the note is.

That's how i think everyone envisioned the iPad eventually. If apple puts it in i will of course not buy a note device. But now with Wacom making their own stand alone mobile drawing tablet, and Samsungs note device line we have options. As an artist and i'm speaking for many, we enjoy a comfortable drawing tool, and the ability to lean your hand on the device. I will be forced to not get an iPad for my tablet upgrade. A lot of people say well it's a small audience, but that's the furthest from the truth. The majority of the time Wacoms professional drawing Cintiq line are sold out, and that's their top tier one with multitouch. It sells for 5 grand, and it sells out so fast. This is a big market, and i think another market that if apple got into could generate loads of profit on top of what they already make.

But even if we take all of that out, it just always seemed to me that the iPads naturally evolution and progression would be a device that ended up having pen support. I'm just thinking about how amazing a retina iPad mini would be with pen support and the various apps to choose from. I'm bummed out that Apple hasn't gotten this yet. Even the developers of these drawing apps hope that apple opens up with the pen support. So much more can be done with these apps.