Worst. Review. Ever.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. No wonder Yahoo is dying.

Some quotes from the guy:

"The HTC One feels terrible in the hand. It's too big and, more importantly, extremely slippery."

- Yet he has no problem with the S4 size

"However, in a simple blind test, the Samsung Galaxy feels pretty good in the hand."

What the hell? Sure guy.

"After only hours of using it, in my case, the front plate covering one of the two speakers came off."

- What was he doing to his phone? Jeeze

"Speaking of difficult to use, I found there are only two home pages as the default (aside from the news feed). This compares very poorly with the Nexus, which has five."

- Just wrong.

"So, on the HTC One, where is the button to take a picture? I have absolutely no idea. I finally figured it out, using an exhaustive process of elimination."

- I just...there are no words.

It goes on like that for awhile. I can't figure out if the reviewer is really that stupid or is on the Samsung payroll. Pathetic journalism on Yahoo's part, no wonder they're going down the tubes.