iPhone 5 or HTC One for Apple user

Hey guys,

I'm thinking about upgrading my iPhone 4S and I can't decide which phone should I choose - the gorgeous HTC One or the good old iPhone 5.

I don't consider myself a fanboy but I use Macs everyday for work and I love the way how the iPhone and Mac play together. However, after I got the iPad mini I started to use the iPhone mainly for texting, talking and checking Facebook or some info on the go, as the screen size makes playing most games quietly irritating and uncomfortable, unlike on the iPad.

I'm a pro user, too, and a lot of times I feel irritated that I can't do some basic stuff on the iPhone, which I could do of I had an android-based device. Even though, I love the way how fast my iPhone works and how reliable it is, and I'm not sure if I can get the same experience from the android phone.

However HTC one looks just gorgeous, not like the SGS4, it has great speakers and beats audio, full-aluminium body which looks certainly more scratch-resistant than the iPhone 5's case. Do you guys think that it's worth giving a try? I can always buy the iPhone 5S/6 when it goes out, but right now I'm bored with 4S and I simply don't think that the iPhone 5 is the best choice for me right now.

Thanks for any help ;)