What do sites "use" in regards to mounts / video recording hardware for phone reviews?

So, I want to create videos in a very typical style I've seen all over the web. The camera is pointed down on a flat surface, a smartphone is placed on that surface, and the reviewer/demonstrator then interacts with the phone.

I've jury-rigged a setup for this with a 1080p webcam taped to a box, but my video lacks quality and this is far from an ideal mount. What do people typically use in this scenario? Google fails me (any search terms I try to use get me unrelated results, like for recording phone dialogue) and this is something phone sites seem to refuse to talk about (presumably because they don't want punk kids stealing their "secret sauce")

So, are there "typical" ways to go about this? My quality goal is a sharp, well-detailed 1080p video for Youtube.