There is no iPhone killer.

"iPhone killer" is a term that has been used for tons of devices over time. There was a time when this title was tagged on any smartphone coming out of any company, only to fail in "killing" the iPhone. What's changed between that time and now? I rarely see this term even used anymore. Why? Did a smartphone succeed in killing the iPhone.

Simple answer, no. iPhone was not killed, but it's influence was lessened by several devices through the years. See, until 2010, no single device was considered as good as the iPhone, when legitimate competitors did begin to pour in, the iPhone did not only have market share, it also had a ridiculous amount of mind share. The series were gained more mind share when the first major revision, the iPhone 4, left everyone in shock and awe. So what were the devices that slowed down the iPhone? Here are some in my opinion:

Nexus One: Widely considered Google's "iPhone", this was the phone Android fans had been waiting for. Great build and design, good specs and good performance, Nexus One had it all. Unfortunately, limited availability and non existent advertisement never let this phone fulfill it's potential. It did prove to many that an Android phone could be as premium and sophisticated as an iPhone.

Galaxy S: This is basically the reason Samsung is where it is today. This was the arch-rival of the iPhone 4, not as premium, but had more expandability. It also had a larger and in many's opinion, a better screen than the iPhone 4. It also had good performance, thanks to the blazing fast chipset (at that time).

Galaxy S2/Note: This was the combo to beat in 2011. S2 was a large screened device with all the expandability of it's predecessor, with a built in audience to cater to. After reaching new heights for an Android phone, Samsung continued with the Note, a spec bump, along with a monstrous screen and S-Pen, this device was single-handedly able to usher the era of huge Android flagships, and made the iPhone look tiny in comparison. And it is, in many ways, the reason why the iPhone 5 had a lager screen than previous generations.

Galaxy Nexus: This one showcased how beautiful Android could be. Criticized of feeling a bit unprofessional earlier, Android really came into it's own and the Holo UI is still one of the most beautiful interfaces I have seen. Also, one of the first devices to match the PPI of the iPhone's "Retina" display. This was also used to showcase Android 4.1, after which, many claimed that Android had finally reached the iOS level of polish and showed how greatly Android could be optimized.

Galaxy SIII: This definitely had great power, but more than that, it showed unprecedented marketing and availability. Apple level of marketing. With this all, the SIII became one of the few smartphones to reach the 50 million mark. Even outsold the 4S for a period of time. It also made sure that Samsung had a great amount of mind share and a built in audience for the SIV.

Nexus 4: This phone proved that the iPhone isn't the only non LTE phone made out of Glass. JK.

HTC One: This devices went ahead and took away some of the iPhone's main selling points, the build quality, design and level of polish. This is the premium Android phone.

The iPhone is iconic and has a huge mind share, so don't expect it to be "killed" anytime soon. But with manufacturers like HTC, Sony and LG now paying attention to gorgeous hardware and with Samsung having an almost equal level of mind share, there is no reason the influence and popularity can't be reduced just a little bit. But I have a feeling that Apple will have something to say about this pretty soon. What are you thoughts about this? What are some of the devices you feel lessened the influence of the iPhone?

TL;DR: The iPhone is still alive, but it's influence has lessened. Which devices do you think led to this?

Disclaimer: Not a fanboy/hater. Just thought I'd say what I felt. Feel free to criticize and praise!