Skeuomorphism is the best. Skeuomorphism is the worst.

Last night I was invited to celebrate my neighbor's 50th birthday with them, and I happily joined. I'm only 23, but I've known them for a long time because I was friends with one of their kids since grade school. Somehow, the topic landed on the iPhone, and I brought up that there was a very good chance that all those leathery textures would get replaced with something a little more "Ikea" looking. It was met with surprise and disappointment. Nobody in this room of over-40s liked the idea of a flatter UI. They like the feeling of familiarity from the stitching and felt. That's precisely what made them choose the iPhone in the first place. A couple people even expressed that they wouldn't bother upgrading if these prophecies were fulfilled.

I know that most of the people here in Apple Core are ready to welcome Ive's design changes with open eyes and open arms. But could Apple be shooting themselves in the foot here? If there's one thing that Apple has locked up, it's tech-illiterate demographic, and it seems to me that these are the people who love it when things stay the same.

It's been said that Apple has turned its back on the OS X power user with features like launchpad, mission control, and the rumored iOS style multitasking, but by steamrolling the entire interface into something more geometric, is Apple turning their back on the casual user?

What are you thoughts?