HTC ONE . . .As a Remote (Review)

IR has made a return - which is awesome but not what we are here to talk about. Actually I want to discussed how HTC decided to use it. HTC added a feature to the one simply called "TV". The app itself is actually useful. I can set reminders to have it tell me when Family Guy is on, I can see what's playing on my Fav TV channels (Direct TV) and best of all setting up the phone as a remote and guide was simple and painless. It literally takes less than 3 mins.

But, how does it work as a remote. The simple answer FLAWLESS. It does exactly what it says. HOWEVER - I found that it's simply not enough. Why?? Because I still need another remote. It allows you the options to use it with a home theater system for volume. However I still need my DVD remote handy. Although it allows me to switch inputs (Which is cool) It does not allow me to change the DVD player or switch disk.

As a guide it's even worse. You can of course search with Direct TV or Dish but when it comes to pulling up the guide that can be a bit tricky. With direct TV you can't pull up the guide, you can however search - and if you have already searched for your fav channels they appear and you can see what's playing. It's almost as if HTC wants you to use their guide and not the one that comes on your set top box.

Overall - It works, and for watching TV and flipping through channels, turning up the volume, switching inputs etc it works perfectly. For other complex task . . . . I still need my other remotes.