Facebook Messenger for Windows 8 (Concept)

I threw myself into a little weekend project before finals. Basically, I love Metro when it's done correctly (see: Office 2013) and it drives me crazy that more Windows apps aren't jumping onto the bandwagon.

I also like Facebook Messenger. It's just a great service. But the Windows client for Messenger is really more of a wrapped website than a native app.

So much potential.

I really didn't change anything as far as the product goes. It's all the same stuff. Even the UI close to their various products. But it would (in my view) be a huge jump in usability.


It all starts with the icon. I basically just flattened everything out. I also took advantage of the new Windows 8 icon style (something that Google Chrome does for it's desktop app).


Messenger currently uses it's own notification system which usually pops up around the notification tray. Using the standard notification box (like Outlook 2013) would make things a little more pleasant.

There are basically three windows with my concept: Inbox, Friends List, and Chat. Here is the friends list window.


I think the Inbox window looks much more professional with the modern UI.



The chat window uses tabs along the bottom. Click the compose icon to make a new message or group message. The plus button would open up more options for adding files, taking a picture with your webcam, sharing your location, or recording audio. The smiley face gives you options for emojis.

What do you think? Would it make sense for Facebook to take Messenger in this direction?