Flat UI is one dimensional, boring, unattractive, lazy, gross.

Android, as we know is most likely going to transition from Tron style to Card style. For example, Google Play and Google Now. Holo will no longer be associated with that ugly Tron blue color and people will see Holo as a more refined UI now....

However, I feel that it's still ugly. The lack of visual cues that show you what buttons are able to be pressed, is annoying. Everything is so white and grey now. You see that Google Now implements white cards with a grey background but many other apps is just white EVERYWHERE (ie. now playing) It's an eyesore really, and you can't differentiate different sections of the UI from one another. Look at the app below. The play rewind and forward buttons are separated by this ugly grey line. Please. Don't make this app look like my cheap fan remote with grey plastic inserts between the buttons for "start" and "stop".

Ugly. It's plain. Everything blends in. What makes this worse is that there are so many different android phones, some with more washed out colors. Even on my laptop I'm looking slightly from above, and I cannot differentiate the grey sections from the white sections sometimes. And this is an HP dm4 that cost 999$. Now imagine a 100$ android phone, or even a high end phone with a crappy screen showing these apps. Not appealing at all.

I never want iOS to move in the direction of Holo, or Flat UI. I wan't it to remain the way it is, but more polished, and less of the hideous shiny gradients. It's possible to have skeumorphic elements in an app that make it look good, and unique, yet still fits into the entire iOS ecosystem. Just not Holo, please.


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An excuse to design boring apps.


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Seriously. Where I want iOS to go is not flat, or holo style. It's iOS style okay? I love skeumorphism.

Look at these beautiful apps. This should be the future of iOS.


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You see how the buttons on this weather app are not just grey images on top of the app? I like how they have shadows, and they are indented into the surface of the background so you know that you can interact with it.


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I mean, WOW is all I can say.


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Here is a music app, not sure which one it is.


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Here is play music. BARF.


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Sorry, but I don't see what is so appealing about "Now Playing". It's a boring app, it's flat, it's one dimensional. It feels like someone just made this app using cardboard cutouts if you know what I mean, not anything special at all. Certainly Holo done right by many people's standards, but it doesn't even hold a candle to the beautiful design of the iOS app above.


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I will never understand the appeal of Flattened, boring, and one dimensional user interfaces. Please just polish and modernize iOS, but not make it look like Holo or go close to it.