Features request

The features section on The Verge for me is the most unique quality of this publication, providing a level of detail and insight not available on blogs and mainstream media.

I have a request for the features team to consider a story I consider to be at the intersection of technology culture and our everyday lives, that of texting while driving.

This issue has been on the news very much over the past year and has been covered here. A report I read today suggested that it is becoming a leading cause of teen death and a drive behind the push to have software in cars that blocks texting.

Having such powerful software like that in cars which would be mandated by law is a big deal with serious ramifications and a discussion of these issues certainly lends itself to the editorial culture here at the The Verge. A look into the legal and technical implications and well as some insight into the personal stories of families who have lost loved ones, as well as what texting while driving says about our relationship to technology could be the basis for a feature. I have come to trust the opinions expressed by the writers here and I think their findings could contribute to the wider debate.

Just a thought.

Here are some articles from The Verge along this line: