Why I ditched the Nexus 4 and went back to the Galaxy Nexus.

After a few months with the Nexus 4 (iv owned several), I am now back to a Galaxy Nexus. I know, it sounds strange, but ill explain why I 'downgraded' and hopefully give some insight to those looking to ditch there current Galaxy Nexus.

First reason, Size.

Even though the dimensions of the two are quite similar, the Nexus 4 is significantly wider. I have small hands, and I found one handed use on the Nexus 4 to be a pain (literally) and I would constantly have to rearrange the phone in my hand to perform simply tasks (pull down the notification bar, texting, etc). The square design of the Nexus 4 makes it difficult to grasp in comparison to the rounded edges and less wide body of the GNex. The Nexus 4 just simply was not comfortable to hold and maneuver. I think the Gnex was the perfect size and the biggest a phone should get.

Second reason, 'Deep Blacks'!

Though overall, I thought the Nexus 4 screen was 'better' than the Gnex (more natural colors), I missed those deep blacks on the SAMOLED panel. Using the Nexus 4 I was constantly distracted by the slight light bleed on the sides of the screen, specifically when watching YouTube videos. And text on the Nexus 4 seemed grey rather than black, and wasnt as bold as the Gnex, making it less desirable to read books on. The blacks were nowhere as deep as the Gnex and the screen looked bland, something you notice immediately.

Some other reasons were the Headphone Jack placement and Build Materials. From getting used to having the headphone jack on the bottom of the Gnex, having it on the top on the N4 was frustrating and not ideal at all, since myself and most people, place the phone top down in your pocket. And lastly, is the phone materials. Yes, the Nexus 4 uses higher end materials, and feels more solid and high end, but the glass back scratches easily (from experience) and can shatter once dropped. And the chrome border also scratches and dents easily as well. I had my GNex for about 8 months, and I literally had zero scratches on it, no dings or dents, Im guessing due to the plastic and lighter build.

So yeah, sorry for the long post, but I thought I'd point out why I went back to the Galaxy Nexus after having a Nexus 4. I guess its because I was a little baffled myself.