A Month With The iPhone 5

I recently sold my Galaxy S3 for an iPhone 5. Why you must ask? Well simple if you've read any of my articles you'd know why I did it, if not I'll explain, I recently moved to Great Falls, Montana I'm 14 years old and my Galaxy S3 was on T-mobile so it didn't work in Great Falls. I was in for a new phone and my parents weren't going to sign a contract, so it meant pre-paid. We tried getting Sim cards and they worked for a month but the problem was we put a different zip code in cause that was the only way to get a straight talk Sim card. That worked on my Galaxy for around a month. I thought that the only way to get a phone was go to Walmart and purchase a straight talk phone, and the iPhone 5 is the best phone on straight talk. So now I have my iPhone and I've actually been overall very happy with it, but I still miss practically everything about Android.. It is by all means a great phone, it's just not for me. I haven't been reading much about electronics at all for that matter. Because then I have this want to get new phones, but there so expensive. I've liked how iTunes works for the most part even though I can't just drag and drop music to my phone like with Android. Its worked great besides software, Apple has a great ecosystem, but I'm still an Android lover at heart. I miss being able to steal games and hook up a PS3 controller and rout all the buttons to the controller. Were I'd just sit back and play a console game with remote, in study hall. Now all I play is Clash Of Clans, I hate using the touch screen to play games like Gran Theft Auto. I miss my big 4.8" screen size. I miss messing with my software and having endless things to be able to do with it, to make it mine. Not just a row of icons, and folders. I will always be an Android lover at heart and now I'm wanting to get a tablet for portable gaming which I'm more into because you can play it everywhere rather a console. Overall the iPhone is a great phone but I believe that if they don't start a change, something big there going to loose more and more customers. Everyone now says I want the Galaxy, I'm certainly not getting a Galaxy again and I could list several reasons. I hope my parents sign a contact sometime within a year, I wish I had money to purchase every phone that comes out and do reviews, its just what I like. I kind of forgot the purpose of this article, but oh well. If your in the market for a phone iPhone is definitely not the only answer, I've realized I miss those little things that I could do to tweak and hack my phone. Sure you can jailbreak an iPhone but honestly it messes up peoples batteries and makes there phone run slow so I'd rather not. If you took the time to read this article thank you, this has been my experience with the iPhone 5, have a good day. Your Nerd Friend, Joel