Contract & Pricing done right - In Sweden

Today a new MVNO launched in Sweden, called "Hallon" (Swedish for raspberry), owned by the same owners as Three Sweden.

They utilize the 3G network run by Three Sweden with speeds up to 42mb/s for everyone. No 4G access.

They have 2 contracts/prepaid plans. The prices are the same for both contracts and prepaid, with prepaid you have to refill yourself while a contract automatically draws money from your credit/debit card.

Only Credit/debit card payments.

No minimum contract lenght. No cancellation time.


60 Calls
5000 texts
500MB of high speed 3G data
99SEK per month or $15

Unlimited Calls
Unlimited Texts
5 GB of high speed 3G data
249SEK per month or $39

They also have undoubtedly the best 3G network in Sweden with rather good speeds.
I'm thinking I will switch, in a month when my contract is up.