I Appreciate All the Concept Designs

I really appreciate all the iOS 7 concept designs. I don't even know how to make this kind of things.

But... I really don't know how to say this without sounding offensive or rude, but what makes people think that Apple software engineers have not thought of these concepts? Given how big the company is, it is safe to believe that Apple has some of the most brilliant software engineers in the world. I am pretty sure every UI element and decision has been painstakingly thought over and over again by these people.

You see, I also want certain features in the next version of iOS, and it's good to share them with the community. But actually designing the user interface and the implementation... are quite pointless I think. I am saying this because it's just sad to see all kinds of imaginative versions of iOS that are far from the reality.

Hopefully this doesn't sound a troll post.