What UI do you enjoy most?

Today, we got different types of styles on different platforms. I'll give you some of the most popular.

Modern UI by Microsoft


Modern UI (previously known as Metro UI). This is the style that is used on tech with Microsoft-software.

Holo UI by Google


Holo UI from Google, used on Android devices.

iOS User Interface by Apple


iOS UI (really don't know what the name is), used on iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Aqua by Apple


Aqua, used on Mac devices.

I missed some User Interfaces like those from Blackberry, Chrome OS and skins that have been put over the Holo skin from Android (TouchWiz, Sense), but these you may look up yourself.


While I prefer the flexibility of Google, and the cleanliness of Microsoft, I like Apple's iOS by how modern it looks like.

Sooner or later, the different styles will come together, but they will never merge.

Everybody may like something else, but I'm sure the important persons from Apple and Google will learn from each other, while we get the best result, every year again.

What skin do you prefer most at the moment? And why? I'm really interested. Scream, shout and let it all out! And Britney B*tch!