Is the iPhone 5 the best Google services phone?

First, it was Google Maps, arguably one of the best features on Android that released for iOS. Now, Google Now has made its way to the platform. Soon, the unified chat service known as Babel will be released on iOS as well as Android. Why wouldn't anyone get an iPhone?

I've always owned Android phones. My first smartphone was the Motorola Droid on Verizon and I loved it. I remember going into the store and seeing the device for the first time. The representatives were very open about the customization of Android and all the ways it exceeded the iPhone. Once the novelties of having a GameBoy emulator wore off, my priorities were mainly limited to: battery life, push notifications, and camera quality. Maybe it's the fact that my Galaxy Nexus is subpar in all of these categories that is making me want the new iPhone as my next phone. The iPhone 5 and 4S are both beautiful devices with gorgeous screens and excellent hardware. The build quality is fantastic and their camera's are unbeatable. In addition to a swelling app store, apps like Vine get released on iOS without even having a release date for Android. But now that iOS has apps like Gmail, and Google Now, what are the advantages of getting an Android device?

I don't mind that Google is releasing their apps on iOS. Honestly, good for them for the amount of data they'll be able to collect. But releasing these key apps on devices like the iPhone undermines their own phones, like the Nexus 4, that they're trying to sell. I've always been the Android guy that tells people not to get an iPhone, but now there's nothing that the iPhone can't do. Let's talk about the Google services basics: Maps, Gmail, Google Search (Google Now), YouTube. Maps on iOS is great, doing mostly everything my Nexus can do. I installed Gmail on my mother's iPhone 4S and I was stunned with how great it looked. Seriously, it looks better than the Android app. Plus, it has push notifications.

Regardless of these features, people will still continue to buy iPhone's and Android phones. With a refresh of iOS on the way with version 7, I'm seriously considering getting the "iPhone 5S" because of these Google services features.