Has anyone tried miracast mirroring from an android device?

I recently did a search for mirroring on android that could do what apple devices and apple tv can and I found that miracast mirroring was natively supported in android 4.2 devices.

You just need a device that hooks to a tv that can receive the signal like one of those panasonic set top boxes or the netgear PTV3000.

I've read that it is kind of like widi from intel, which worried me. I have a sandy bridge laptop and picked up a netgear PTV2000 and I often got stuttering and out of sync audio ALL the time. I heard performance was improved on intel ivy bridge chips, but that does jack for me. So now we come back to miracast performance on android devices.

Has anyone tried it? How well does it perform? There was word that the roku 3 would be updated later to support it, is that true? I am basically looking for an easy way to get content directly from my mobile device to the tv, and dlna is clunky as hell, having to use the tv remove to cycle through content. It would be so much cleaner to just mirror what is on my phone's screen and share content that way.