What New Features Do You Want in Mac OS X 10.9?

OS X 10.9 will be announced in only 35 days and apparently it focuses on the power user. This is arguably the first version with a power user focus since OS X 10.5 Leopard.


So far, what we know (almost) for sure is that the Finder, which hasn't seen any major updates since Leopard, will see a major upgrade with one of the features being tabbed browsing.


But even with tabbed browsing, the Finder will still feel somewhat restrictive. And since 10.9 is a power user release, I would love for Apple to implement some of the features found in Path Finder, such as batch renaming, file tagging, developer tools, Adobe file previews and dual pane copy (this is a must have). I'd also love to be able to set folders to auto delete themselves, without the use of Automator and to be able to encrypt files from the Finder. I understand that it may be a bit much for the average Joe to handle, but perhaps Apple could include a toggle in Finder preferences to turn on an "Advanced Mode".





Improved multi-monitor support is another thing we know is most likely coming in 10.9. About time. Right now, the multi-monitor support in OS X is woefully inadequate. Mission Control handles it absolutely horribly. Basic featured you'd it to have, like dragging a window in Mission Control to another display, are nonexistant. And fullscreen mode dosen't work with multi-monitor at all either. If you enter fullscreen mode in one app on one display, all the other displays become useless. Some other features they need to include are better support for fullscreen web videos (I don't want my menubar and dock covering my video when I click onto another screen) and the ability to have to dock and menubar on all displays.

.GIF support in Preview


Prior to OSX 10.4, Preview did have proper GIF support, where you could actually play GIFs within Preview. For whatever reason, Apple decided to remove support for this. Now GIFs appear as single frames in the thumbnails pane. Please fix this Apple. GIFs are popular again and I want to be able to play them on my Mac. Also, GIF editing would be nice.

Speaking of that, the editing tools in Preview really need to be redone. RIght now, they're a mess. Something equivalent to Microsoft Paint would be nice.

File conversion within Preview would also be nice.

Better Notification Centre


Notification Centre is nice, but there's a whole lot of fixing that could be done. Namely, we need the ability to turn off notifications for a customized period of time on a per app basis. A "stop reminding me of this" button would also be nice. I don't need the Mac App Store bugging me every 5 minutes about app updates.

It would also be nice if they eliminated Dashboard and moved widgets to Notification Centre, like in iOS. I would use both Notification Centre and Widgets far more if they were in Notification Centre.

Fix the Dock


Can we please have better minimized window support in the dock. The tiny thumbnails used since OS 10.0 aren't cutting it anymore. They're so small that I just click around randomly on icons until I find the window I want. And in general, just make the dock better and more efficient like in Windows 7.

Good news is that Apple is apparently making multitasking support more like what is found in iOS, so we may see some improvements.

Mission Control for Power Users

Mission Control is amazing. It has completely changed my workflow, both on desktop and laptop, but some power user features would be nice. Perhaps the ability to not auto group application windows together and to be able to search for running apps by name.


Improve Automator


Just make Automator better. The app is already great, but it has so much potential.

Siri in Spotlight





Some people seem to think Siri in OS X is a dumb idea. I disagree. There are countless practical uses for it in OS X. Imagine being able to ask it if your calendar if there are any unscheduled time periods while scheduling a meeting with clients. Or asking it the molar mass of a compound when writing a chemistry lab report. Siri integration like this could make OS X 10.9 one of the most important releases in OS X history.

So there we go. These are all the features that I can think of that I'd want to see in the upcoming "power user" version of Mac OS X. Please add to the list with your own features. Maybe Craig Federighi will see them and add them to the next release before WWDC (no he wont).