The effect a single phone had.

Just around this time last year, I was looking forward to getting my first smartphone. My experiences were very positive, but I would like to share the way it changed the way people around me looked at a smartphone.

Back in the day, everyone around me thought that the only good high-end phone was the iPhone (the S3 had not kicked in yet). Most weren't aware of how Android worked and stuck to the trend. I, however knew all about the different mobile OS's and had decided to go for Android. I went to visit my dad in a foreign country, and came back a month later with the Galaxy Nexus.My brother already had an iPhone 4S and the people around me were rocking old Nokia's, but were planning to upgrade.

The first reaction almost everybody had to the GNex was "WOW!" Even my iOS loving brother said "fluid' when he first used my phone. Over the next few weeks, people showed extraordinary interest in the phone and Android as a whole, they were now aware that high-end phones other than iPhone could be good as well. I told them the differences between these platform's and why one would benefit them more than the other.

Just a year after that, Android seems to have struck a cord with people around me. Surprisingly, the most popular manufacturer emerged to be HTC. 3 are rocking the One X, 2 have the Explorer (low-end), 1 has the Sensation XE and 1 has the One V. Samsung follows with 2 S3's, 2 S2's and 1 Note (original). You see a few iPhone's, LG's and Sony's in there as well.

So, has that ever happened to you? Have you ever bought a gadget (phone, tablet, laptop etc) that changed the way people around you looked at that category? Post your story below!