Motherboard spacing

A little while ago, I did one of my episodic PC builds. The technology had moved on, time to upgrade, yada yada. I did what I always do which is get the parts myself and put it all together. But it took me longer than it used to. Graphics cards are bigger now, RAM has tall spikey heat spreaders (two of which I had to remove to fit under the cooler). Where once my PC had a single hard-drive, now it has five. Cables are everywhere, SATA, Molex...Is it not time we got a larger form-factor for motherboards? Or is there one but it just isn't common?

My motherboard was a Sabretooth 990FX. It's an ATX motherboard. I managed to get it all together, but it was a hassle. This week, I need to move the Blu-ray drive to my server which necessitates opening it all up again.

I know this post is mostly a rant, but does anyone think we'll see a change in motherboard form factors in the foreseeable? Or are we too entrenched? Because I could seriously do with more space when I'm putting these things together.