QUESTION: Tethering on a Nexus/GS4

Hey guys, was wondering if anyone might be able to help me here. For the past year, I've been on an unlocked Galaxy Nexus with a prepaid Tmobile sim. I love being able to tether and use my phone as wifi hotspot whenever I feel like it without being raped by extra carrier fees.

With that said, I am considering picking up a Tmobile Galaxy S4 (not the unlocked international variant, I've been super pleased with Tmobile and am totally fine with paying $150 + monthly $20 installments in order to get one on their network), but I'm curious, if I purchase a tmo GS4, will I no longer be able to tether/wifi hotspot freely as I am currently able to with my Nexus?

I really don't want to start having to pay extra fees for something I use now at no extra charge. Any firsthand knowledge you guys have would be immensely appreciated!