I'm starting to think that Android will eventually be more Google and less freedom in the future.

Think about it. The point of Android was to create a groundbase for OEMs to build upon to their own tastes. But recently Google has been making OEMs to have their apps on there if they want to continue updating their android devices.

Many of the improvements that will surely see in Android 4.3 will come to better integrate Google services in Android and debug small details, but several. In this post I’m not going to make a list of everything that Android still needs to be perfect, just intend to sketch a line.

Babel really need to be lodged as soon as possible. Greater integration of the entire system with Google Plus (we’ll see if or if, be sure of it) New and more integrated Google services (News, Payments Wallet ….) and of course better integration of all with Google Now as a hub. All this to protect inter alia, possible assaults like facebook for Android take over from within.

As I said, you could spend thousands of words in targeting improvements to the consistency of the UI, fault that is dragging android with wifi connections / data accessibility enhancements, etc.. Debug re-debug, tune, stabilize, streamline, provide consistency and security. A lot of work to think about innovations, but knowing the nature of Google will be difficult to contain. Android, as it is now and what it represents and means not for experiments.

Anyway, it will be very interesting to see where they walk the mobile OS, when, with each passing day, are the apps and hardware that takes center stage, leaving what really moves, in the background, but no less important.

And to my conclusion Android be more Google, therefore, like it or not, we lose freedom. Samsung probably realized this and thats why the S4 looks the furthest away from Android. They probably know that Google is going to eventually assert its identity and dominance onto Android and not give enough OEMs a chance to customize it as much.