Meet Flass - My own Google Glass


Thought I would post this here considering I've been reading The Verge all day with it.

Flass is basically my way of getting around not being able to actually get Glass, it's become a bit of a cool item to some websites in the past few days so now I'm bringing it to the crowd at The Verge. The video I took explains a little bit, excuse the poor camera work as it was done rather quickly for some interested people and I haven't yet got around to doing a proper new one.

Flass has the same principles as Glass, to give you information you need when you need it to be there. I currently use it for the time, weather, browsing and navigation, I'm still working on sourcing a small enough workable camera and also getting voice recognition up to scratch.

I'm happy to answer any and all questions you might have about Flass.

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You can also follow it at the original thread it got picked up from: Here and on Reddit: Here

Here are some of the websites that have taken an interest in Flass:

This is Flass