Privately Sharing Your True Feelings on Social Media

There are so many different types of social media sites and applications constantly being created every day. These different channels all have specific purposes but in most cases they’re outlets for users to express opinion, feelings and thoughts. But should these personal views subject to public viewing? How would you trust a social network when it comes to privacy?

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger and various other "blogging-esque" sites are the home to millions of posts; some informative, some funny, and some personal. All of these sites have security and privacy settings that depending on what type of content the user is planning one exposing should be set accordingly. Social media privacy app is on the rise because of "self-censorship"

Blogs are the one type of social media that often get over looked. Most blogging sites, along with other social media sites, are preset with zero privacy settings. There have been blogs written in a diary style format, with users exposing their every thought on the internet, with no privacy settings for the world to see.

When users get to that age that job searching occurs, it’s very important to protect personal brands and to have a positive online presence. An employer may not be impressed with an angry or vulgar unprotected tweet posted a few days prior. This is why watching your words online is so important. It’s imperative to have clean, appropriate posts if users chose to not use privacy.