If Instagram is for squares, Rando is for ... ehm ... circles?


There's hardly anything you can eat without throwing a picture of it on Instagram, hardly anywhere you can go without checking in there on Foursquare and hardly any thought you can think without tweeting it. But even before smartphones, social media or internet, human beings have always found a way to share their behaviour with friends.

"Antisocial is the new social"

Rando, a new photo sharing app is going against the stream by delivering a totally different experience. When you take a picture with Rando, it is sent off to a random user, who receives no extra information about the picture, except for a rough geo-location which is accessible via a simple tap on the image. After the image has been received by the random user, you get a notification with the rough location of the person who received it. And here's the cool thing, a minute or two later you'll receive a totally random Rando as well, which could be seen as a reward.

So that's it. No likes, no comments, no response, no usernames, no nothing. The app is like nothing you'll ever have used before. And to add some visual purity, the designers have made the app very intuitive and simple. You can't use flash when taking pictures with Rando, there's also no filters or other novelties either. The only visual difference is that the app takes circular pictures, which in all gives the images a very stylized and pure look.


Okay, but why?

It's not easy to explain why Rando delivers such an addictive experience. One possible explanation could be that receiving a slice of life from a random place in the world is quite exciting. But there's also no barrier not to send a Rando into the world, there's nobody to judge you, so in a way there's total artistic or creative freedom.

The app is now available on both Android and iOS.

via randoapp.com