Getting a cheers/boos tug of war going; for science!

On posts like the one yesterday about the death of Photoshop CS in favor of Photoshop CC, you see these massive threads afterwards. It's fun to skim these and get a feel for the battle lines being drawn, but I wish there was some way to get a tally for the public opinion on the matter.

How about a Cheer/Boo button at the bottom of each post? There'd be some fun, topical copy around it that explains that you're casting your lot with the side for or against the material, not the article. I think it'd be good fun to watch the opinion tug of war, and it might free up the comments for people who have something to say other than "me too".


tldr; death to CS, long live CC!

Huzzah![12] Boo![3723]