Nobody Is Talking About The Optimus G Pro (And They Should Be)

I pre-ordered the G Pro a few days ago. I find it really interesting that this phone, for now, is really flying under the radar. Every hands-on or review I've read has been very positive. (Except for Mashable, and that review was garbage in quality.) Here's a phablet with a better screen than the Note II and, from what I can tell, a total beast in general. The only knock is the lack of stylus, which won't be a deal breaker for many. It still remains to be seen how the battery life holds up, and that's the one thing I'm waiting to test out in person before celebrating this device. However what I've seen was enough to get me to pre-order. And lastly, it's pretty cheap off-contract. ($550.)

Perhaps the positive reviews for the AT&T variant will start pouring in this week and the device will be a hit in America. For now it's the only legit phablet competition in this country to the Note II and I just find it very interesting how little hype it's received. (So far.)