Annoyances with HTC One

So, I recently got to try a friend's HTC One for a couple of hours. By this point, we all know the positive aspects (great build, beautiful design, awesome display, camera good in low-light, speedy and great speakers). As I used the phone, I was looking out for the problems with it, here are the most annoying one's:

Dat button placement: Seriously, the dumbest thing I've ever seen from HTC. How can they even make such a decision? Two freaking Android buttons!!!!!!!!!! I seriously pressed the HTC logo every time I wanted to go to the home screen. Couldn't they just have made the HTC logo the home button and made the current home button the recent apps button (with an options to swap it for menu)? Having the HTC logo as the home button would have been cool, unfortunately, the current set up is a huge disadvantage for me.

Slippery: The device, while beautiful, is quite slippery. I would have preferred more grip on the sides, or a soft touch back like the 8X, DNA and Butterfly.

Sense 5 quirks: The dock is just ridiculous. It acts like the iOS dock, the apps you place there aren't just shortcuts, they are the real apps, you have to go into the app drawer to remove them, else they'll just keep making more shortcuts for the home screens. I still don't like the way you add widgets and change wallpapers. I don't like the fact that blinkfeed can't be removed. The default app drawer is also a huge waste of space. And just why is the new sense clock widget also in the app drawer?

Non-tactile physical buttons: The power and volume keys are not comfortable. I can understand the reason they placed the power button where they did, but it's simply not easy to find and press. The volume rocker is placed accurately, and it is textured too. But there simply is no distinction between the buttons. Also it is quite short, so you have to be careful when changing the volume.

Those are the things that bugged me the most in my few hours with the device. What are the things that bugged you the most?