Advantages of Tablets/ Slabs.

I'll straight up admit it, I've been eyeballing the Nexus 7 for quite some time now, quite a long time, and there have been numerous occasions where I've nearly bought one, but, I haven't. Why? I just can not seem to justify the purchase. To shed a little light on the devices I already have, I have an hp desktop running Windows 7, I use it entirely for games at this point, I have an old Macbook that rarely sees any use, I'll be getting a Nokia Lumia 928 when that comes out, and the newest member of the family is a chromebook which has become my main device. The thing is this chromebook has practically cemented my position as an admirer from afar, because this chromebook is the samsung series 3, lighter than my parents tablet (although admittedly it is a bit of a flablet) and pretty darn thin too. Basically one of the most portable devices I own. So right off the bat that takes care of the biggest advantage to a tablet, portability. I still really want to get a Nexus 7 though, I just can't think of any practical reason to get one. Are there any real advantages to a tablet that would make it worth the money? I just can't think of any reason, and I don't want to end up with buyer's remorse. Thoughts?

P.S. this by no means means that I'm unsatisfied with my chromebook, I love the little thing to pieces and I only really stop using it when I need to play any video games. Point being the only thing pushing me toward the Nexus 7 is desire.