How is Skype for you on Windows Phone?

When Skype lost its beta status on WP8, I reinstalled the app (no sense in having any bad beta data around) and since then, it's been rock solid for me. It works almost exactly as how I dreamed. IMs being pushed to my phone when I get them. My phone rings like a normal phone when I get a call - and no more crazy delays. It about 1-2 seconds after my computer starts ringing and that's on an EDGE data connection.

There's still a ton of improvement to go - like putting IMs into the Messages hub (seriously, that thing needs to be expanded), but what I really wanted out of Skype - working push notifications and VOIP calls - are working excellently, which is all the greater when I leave my home country for a year soon and be able to keep in touch that much easier with my family.