Should there be a Windows OS version specifically targeted towards gamers?

I was thinking about how I've seen many people saying they only use Windows to play PC games and was wondering what a Windows "Gamer Edition" would be like.

I'm thinking something that completely strips all the unnecessary bulk of a regular Windows OS... this would minimize background activity and resource usage. With the lightweight OS, it would also make room for better optimization for lower-end rigs.

Basically it's pretty much the XBOX OS, but on a PC. Would that get in the way of Microsoft's own XBOX sales? Who knows... but what I do know is that there is still enough of a divide between PC Gamers and Console Gamers that makes me think it would be a great idea.

I'd love a MUCH more streamlined Windows Gaming OS. Steam Box will be Linux based, so a Windows alternative that doesnt require developers to port a game to have it run on a Windows-based "console" would be awesome.