My Experience with The Nexus 4: Why the Fuck Can't They Get One Right?

I've loved and wanted a Nexus 4 since the day it was announced. Its simple but beautiful design, clean stock Android UI, and cool backing had me drooling over it right away, but I was sad to find out that it would basically only be useful to its full ability on T-Mobile, as I am in a family plan on Verizon with my dad and brother (clarification: my dad pays my cell phone bill, though I pay for the device).

When our contract was coming to an end, I started doing some research on which phone I would want and couldn't take my eyes of the Nexus 4; getting anything else seemed like too much of a compromise. Luckily, I found that with T-Mobiles $30 no contract plan it would actually be cheaper for me to switch to T-Mobile and for them to stay on the family plan than it would be for me to stay with them.

It was awesome to think that I would actually be getting a Nexus 4, I ordered one immediately and couldn't wait for its arrival. Upon receiving it I was incredibly disappointed to find that there was a Korean factory workers eyelash laminated between the glass and the display, but delighted to find that the RMA process was incredibly simple and I would be getting a second Nexus 4 within a few days.

Not entirely disheartened, I waited for the arrival of my second Nexus 4 so that I could finally hook it up to some cell service and really get to use my favorite smarphone on the market. Instead I was, again, incredibly disappointed to find that this device, as well, was defective. This device had a dark patch that had an area that I would estimate was one fourth that of the screen, and on top of that it had a much more pronounced digitizer pattern of wide rectangles patterned across the entire display that was actually visible with the display showing any solid color as well as having vertical banding which was also prominent on solid colors. Though not under the warranty, this device also had large nick on the bottom right corner of the rubbery side wall of the device.

Thinking that the third time would surely be the charm I initiated an RMA on this second Nexus 4 with hopes of the third being clear of all defects. Initially it seemed to be perfectly fine - there was no dark blob and no hairs to be seen, but opening the Play store without a connection (bring up a solid gray screen) I was, once again, able to see severe banding as well as make out the wide rectangled pattern of the digitizer of the device.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I would love to own one of these devices, but this is just getting ridiculous. Do they all have this pattern over the display? Do they all have horrible banding? Is this just a poorly constructed device with a low quality display? Does your Nexus 4 have this issue or do I just have incredibly bad luck? Does anyone have any answers? Can Google just give me a free Nexus 4 already for all of the fucking trouble they've caused me? Is there an end to this list of questions?