Star Wars Despecialized on BluRay Faux Cover

A friend of mine sent me a copy Harmy's Star Wars Despecialized Trilogy on BluRay so I couldn't resist photoshopping a faux Criterion Collection cover insert for it. Dork alert.

Can't take credit for artwork. These were sourced from various places like deviantart. The posters on the back are by Olly Moss.

This is kind of a grey area since this particular item is not for sale, so I won't say where you can get it. But if you can find it, I recommend it for anyone that grew up with the non-special edition. It's a pretty damn good fan edit.

Anyone ever try to make custom BluRay inserts? Really nerdy thing to do, but I enjoy it. There's a lot of fan art out there that just looks better, IMO. Not in all cases, but some.