Closest Competitor to the Thinkpad Helix

First I would like to call Lenovo out for delaying the ThinkPad Helix EVEN MORE. I am hoping it comes out tomorrow but if it does not I need to buy a laptop.

I have a budget around 1800$. I am eyeing the Dell XPS 12 as it looks stunning. It catches my eye every time. It looks much better than it does in Pictures. Other options include but not limited to Zenbook Prime, Carbon Touch, Acer Aspire S7. The Vaio slider does not look optimal because the lack of a decent pointing device. I have recently discovered the Ativ Smart PC Pro 700t. It seems quite similar but has no reversibility, extra battery, and everything else will be worse (trackpad, keyboard, build quality, etc.). I don't trust Samsung but I does not seem like I have any other great choice. So assuming the Helix does not come out tomorrow ;( what should I get. Any suggestions are welcome.