DARK matter = GHOST / SOUL ?

Today while i was having snacks and watching video on my mobile about something related to dark matter then a question struck my head :- What if we are made up of dark matter ?

It can be quite a possibility that our human body may be made up of dark matter (which is said to constitute 23 % of the matter in the universe).Or there is even a possibility that our soul may be made of dark matter (if there is something as soul) because dark matter is also invisible (as it can't be seen) like soul.

May be we don’t actually see ghosts but see / feel / perceive dark matter(due to interaction of it with other matter). It can be seen that the amount of dark matter has been reduced from 63 % to 23% in the vast universe .

So maybe it is an additional substance which forms the human body. It may be the cause that our body starts ageing and finally it causes death and what remains after death is the dark matter (or many may call as ghost).


I am not saying it its 100% correct but it may be a possibility and as a curious human being its not wrong to think of an idea and share with other people.

What if we are searching for the dark matter in the depths of the universe and it may be inside us. We humans search for everything outside here and there without searching for it near us , like the boy in the awesome novel The Alchemist Book by Paulo Coelho.

I am not a religious person and deny the existence of supernatural thing without the proof. And i have never been abducted by a alien :) or seen a ghost .

So what if the dark matter is the answer to unusual things like ghosts, aliens and other unexplained phenomena (as seen by many people excluding myself).

There are chances that i may be wrong but atleast i opened up my mind to the people of the internet and it would be awesome that you comment , as science is about debating , it doesn’t matter who wins the debate but it is all about what is the conclusion and what is the result , which leads us to a step closer to solving and understanding the mystery of the universe .

Thanks for taking your time and reading it.

I am a computer science student in a college.