How do you get around your city? (Bus, train, car)

I spend a good amount of my time researching transportation planning especially public transit but the buses and trains in my city are unreliable and inconvenient, so that driving is the obvious option whether I'm going to out or going to work.

Lately, there is increased focus on building larger networks for public transit such as BRT in San Francisco and New York and expanding of LRT systems. I know cities in big cities and urban connected networks, traffic and parking encourage riding public transit.

The New Yorker compared average income in/around NYC subway stations and found a massive disparity in income at different stops, suggesting public transit does not actively discriminate classes and that the convenience of trains surpasses the utility of personal vehicles to a large percentage of the population.

For most transportation planners, the greatest question is what would make you take transit more often? The Verge linked to an article on the Gothamist, that the NYC Metro Transportation Authority is considering reinventing the layout of its subway cars so that you can avoid eye contact with others more easily to increase comfort but I believe it would further isolate us from noticing (and understanding) others.

Do you take public transit? Why?