Creative Cloud does not seem to be a deal to me......

Hey, so I posted another thread in this forum asking about alternatives to Illustrator in light of Adobe going to a subscription model. I stated flat out that I didn't want to debate the merits of Creative Cloud over the boxed Creative Suite model, because for me and my firm, it just did not make sense.....

So what happened? Someone tried to debate me.

"It takes 2-3 years of subscription costs to equal the cost of an upgrade. You get the full master suite, to boot." the respondent said.

I responded with this : Last February we upgraded our office with new hardware and software. We were using old-in-the-tooth CS2 software, and since CS5 was the last to allow upgrade paths for CS2, we jumped on the deals that were being offered. We purchased six Design Premium upgrades ($668 each), 8 Design Standard upgrades ($492), 15 InDesign upgrades ($140), 3 Photoshop upgrades ($140), three full copies of Photoshop ($615), and two Illustrator upgrades ($140). The total price for the software was $12,585.

I figure that would give us 20 workstations running at least Photoshop and Indesign. If we were to get the full package for $50 a month (the $30 a month is just introductory for a year), that means our total yearly cost just for those 20 workstations is $12,000. Indesign for the remaining nine would be an additional $2,160.

But we got a good deal on that software, so I added the three Photoshops. Lets just say I went and got only InDesign for the 29 stations. One program, I believe, is $20 a month. For only that program, I am looking at $6,960 a year, or half my outlay, without getting Photoshop, Illustrator, or Acrobat.

Now I know we got a good deal on that software, buying in bulk, using a trade group that pools together all its members to get a better deal. And I guess, unless I am missing something, is the biggest gripe I have is Adobe is eliminating all its volume pricing.....

It gets me how many people on various Verge threads have no issue with this change. They say that its the price of doing business, or Adobe has no obligation to carry on the same model as before, or you get all these great programs for one price. And I would give you one thing - Having the Master Collection may make this a reasonable price, IF I used all of those programs. But if I need only Photoshop, Indesign, and Acrobat, it seems like a huge overpayment.

So can anyone justify why this makes sense to someone who uses three of those programs? Why should I have to pay $20 a month to use InDesign, making a yearly cost twice as much as the old CS upgrade price? Am I missing something between the lines, where there are greater savings if you are a large volume user?