Live Broadcast Policy

I finally got to sit down and listen to the podcast of Paul's return to the internet, welcome back Paul. But I was left disappointed that I knew what I was listening too wasn't what really happened. I'm not going to use the word censorship as that's a serious word with serious implications, but this is an example of revisionist history. I understand Paul's view on porn and that part of the event was edited out but this was a live event. If this was inappropriate, why wasn't this topic shutdown then?

Much like a live broadcast on tv might cut to commercial, Josh you should have taken control of the situation. Now I didn't hear all of it as I only caught the tail end of that part on the live broadcast, but the point remains is that I knew it happened and I was hoping to listen to it again in the podcast. I hope in the future that this is taken into consideration. This wasn't a video filmed as a feature, this was live.