Slightly Interesting Thing I Just Noticed About Bing

So I binged (Bung?) "civil war" and got this result:


And I thought the fact that Bing gave the date and result very useful and interesting. I tried it with a few other and it worked as well.

I tried Googling it an got this:

While the people listed on the right are helpful and I think Bing should note it and add it as well, the results Bing gave me I found more useful.

There are some areas Google still has a leg up on (browser calculator (yes Bing does solve calculations but doesn't actually give you a virtual calculator to work with like Google does) and graphing to name a couple) but Bing is catching up in features. The other day I noticed if you start typing a celebrity's name it'll give you quick information about them in the drop down box.

That said, Bing still needs to improve its results. Sometimes I spend ten minutes trying to find something on Bing for it to be on the first page on Google. Features like this help a lot though.

P.S. Bing should make their homepage full screen without the big grey border on HD monitors, and they should implement the instant search that they supposedly came up with before Google Instant.

P.P.S. Just to make this more fun, what features do you want to see added in Bing?